With Friends Like This...Who Needs Enemies ?


With freinds like this who needs enemies?

Big, Huge smiles and grins,

But Ignorant to the feeling that lied deep within,

Not knowing that it was all just pretend,

Jealousy, Lies, Envy, Deceit,


But with friends like this who needs enemies ?

Playful put downs become real,

And feelings that you feel are beginning to reveal,

Those unspoken words are becoming assertive,


So with friends like this who needs enemies ?

Those tightly sealed lies are becoming outwardly spoken,

And those envious looks that were once blinded to naked eye...

Stevie Wonder can now see,

That jealousy that once lied deep within... you now shows in your actions,


So again I repeat, With friends like this who needs enemies ? 

That Deceitful star begins to twinkle in your eye,

And at this point I know I am no longer wanted in your pride,

Multiple stabs in the back,

So I lay low and hide,

The knife that you used to once stabbed me, 

Your "friend" offers to hold it...You see,

You turn your back with your trust in her as she raises it high,

But this time that last stab isn't in my back...

And I say one last time...

With friends like this who needs enemies ?




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