What have you learned?


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Back when the two pillars of freedom collapsed

A people, galvanized, suited up and axed

The chance to make peace by going to war

Without ever asking; What are we fighting for?


Back when the lies about my people consumed

The bigots who bullied, spat, attacked and fumed

Back when I saw the mask of brown as a disgrace

When I suddenly realized that this mask was my face


This mask was my face? Then let me be proud!

I’m Brown and I’m Muslim, need I say it aloud?!

Turn off the news, get up and try for once to look at me!

This resentment stems from a lack of basic humanity


I get it, you’re right; When the pledge played, I used to sit down

I wanted America off the throne, thinking we didn’t deserve the crown

I used to suffer from constant bullying; the damage is done

There was a time when I hid, hid and hid, farther from everyone


For my sincerity to speak my mind I’m not apologetic

This isn’t your fault, but we must admit this is pathetic

Even if we agree to disagree, I advise you to listen

To the shy solemn kid who always felt like he was missing


Inch by inch, the kid crept towards the light

He played games, made friends, but never ignored the fight

Now, In my dreams, he asks “what have you learned?

I smile and reply, "Hatred is given, but respect is earned."


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