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Chuckles in a quiet room
Broke silence
And pushed her further down.
Harassment starts way too soon
From small lips
Of middle schoolers’ mouths.
All because the thickness of her hips
Are larger than the rest.
This girl is excluded out of cliques
And miserable at best.
Growing older wouldn’t stop
The abuse
It just kept getting worse.
Lacerations in her heart
From bruises
They’d left on her with words.
No matter how small they’d make her feel
She’d still be called a pig.
The wounds they caused her cannot be healed
For they were what was big.

The pretenses from society
Labeling people without means.
When a girls a women mentally
She can still crumble at the seams.
So you tell me when I became a
“cow” and not my
own name.
And how much weight do I have to lose
Now so I’m not
And they tell me that they did me a
Favor because I lost the pounds.
I’d trade my shrinking waist size for the
Ability to keep my food down.
Bullied doesn’t quite describe the pain
Internal hurt
Or loss.
My self-confidence can’t be regained
They did their worst
I lost.



When I watched you read your poem I broke down in tears. This is absolutely beautiful, and you should never stop writing.

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