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“Are you going to eat me”, the koi asked the cormorant?


“No, I don’t have any plans to eat you”, said the cormorant.


“I’m glad” said the koi, “but don’t you like fish?”


I love fish, but I don’t have any plans to eat you.”


“That's good to know”, said the koi.


“I’m wondering”, said the koi “Why are you standing there

looking at me, if you have no plans to eat me?”


The cormorant said, “You are a very lovely fish.”


“Why thank you” said the koi.


“You swim so elegantly around your pond, I envy you.”


“I did not know that I was elegant”, said the koi.

“Why do you envy me?”


“It seems, you haven’t a care in the world,

swimming elegantly around your pond all day.”

Your owner brings you food and she expects nothing

but for you to swim and be elegant.”


“Yes, I suppose”, said the koi, “but there is not much else to do.”

I wish I could have an adventure.  I wish I could fly away

from this pond and see the rest of the world.”

“Please”,  said the koi, “tell me about flying.”


“Flying is easy”, said the cormorant. “I just spread my wings,

catch a bit of air, and off I go into the sky.  In the sky, I can see everything.”


“Like what”, said the koi?


“I see great green forests and endless blue oceans. 

I see majestic, snow capped mountain ranges and farmers working their fields

with machines plowing the earth.  Sometimes I see children playing.

Once, I saw a metal bird, much bigger and much, much faster

than any bird I have ever seen before.”


“The world sounds wonderful”, said the koi. “Oh, how I envy you.”


“The world is a perilous place”, said the cormorant.

“Your wish could land you in lots of trouble.”


“What kind of trouble”, said the koi?


“Hunters”, said the cormorant. “They set traps with food to catch cormorants.

When they catch us, they do unspeakable things.”


“Oh, my”, said the koi. “That sounds terrible.”


“If I could be a koi and have food brought to me and swim elegantly

all day, in the safety of my pond, that is what I would do”, said the cormorant.

“You should just be happy to be a koi.”


“I suppose”, said the koi.  “Will you come tomorrow and

tell me what you saw in the world?”


“I would like that”, said the cormorant.


“You won’t eat me will you”, said the koi?


“No”, said the cormorant. “You are too elegant a creature to eat

and I feel very safe here with you.”


"That's good to know” , said the koi. “ We shall be friends then.” 



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