No Way!

Tue, 01/27/2015 - 15:55 -- serfoxi


The world is like a parasite,

Full of hate and spite.

There is no happiness,

There is no light,

All there is, is dark and night.

Not a damn thing is good anymore,

And the world is full of bitches.

That's for sure.

Nobody can trust anyone,

We're all alone in this dreadful world.

Only one thing can save us now,

There's no turning back.

Love will save us if it can.

Or blow us away like sand.

Is there a light to this hell?

Is there that golen shiny bell?

The world can be fucked up sometimes,

But hell, I have these cool ill rhymes!

Them people from the government,

Psh, they don't know shit.

In my past four years of highschool,

I've learned how haters rule.

I've learned the social order,

And the way we create a border.

The barrier blocking our way,

It's there to stay.

And people may be cruel,

But there are some who are still cool.

To understand the universe,

You must understand yourself first.

People are stupid, this is true,

But all that shit doesn't matter,

Because you are you and that's the truth.

Don't let the world change who you are.

Because being yourself will take you far.



that is a very good poem it has a deep meaning


Thank you. I came up with it from scratch actually. All of my poems are made completely from my heart. I have wrtten a lot over the past 3-5 years. Maybe I'll put them up on here later.


I actually really liked it because it's so true:) My favorite lines were the last 2.


Thank you. I know the language I used is kinda vulgar and agressive but the thing DID SAY it was a #nofilter scholarship. So I expressed myself in ways I usually would without being told to not use foul language. xD!!!

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