Mature Heart


So I guess that our topic for discussion is up for debate when I tell you that your heart is at stake.

Now I'll be the first to testify that my heart used to be fake.

I wore my Sunday smile knowing that all I wanted to do was break.

Break the walls of offenses, lies and mistakes.

To shake down the barriers that only gave me heart aches.


Preachers preaching about faith but none of them had faith in me.

They would talk about "Oh Adri, you have so much potential" but they would be the first ones to walk out and leave.

But you could already perceive that my heart was full of grieve.

I was ready to give up everything my heart wanted to achieve.


But how many of you know God is only after one thing and it's your heart.

We tend to run to cotton candy messages and feel good starts.


We run from the answers to our questions.

We run to simple suggestions.


How is it that we are fast to run but slow to prevail?

How is it that we can stand before His presence and not even recognize the veil?

The veil that conceals and separates us from religious folk tales.


Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

So ladies be careful if all that man sounds like is weak.

Don't let his judgement become your critique.

God will only ever give you his unique.

And boys stop working on your technique and start working on your physique.

Because the heart of a player will only become antique.


Can you obey God and your immaturity?

Is it possible for you to have Him as your security?

God only wants a heart after purity.

Don't let your obscurity affect your maturity.


David was an adulterer and a murder but He was a man after God's heart.

Apart from the shame, guilt and lust God never looked at David's start.

Think about it like this, you are God's art.

He already drew you and now He only sees you as the finished part.


Let no one despise you because of the mistakes you have made.

Proceed in the passion that Jeremiah gave.

You don't have to be brave all you have to do is shut up and obey.

So don't be enslaved.

When something is God's will He will give you the grace.

Don't be indifferent to the one who resurrected in the grave and only came back to save.


Love what God loves and hate what God hates.

Open the gates of your heart and let God operate.

Complete the metamorphosis and go back to His original estate.

Many are called but few are chosen but God still awaits.

He awaits for the Ruth, the Ester, the Deborah.

He awaits for the David, the Jeremiah and the Elijah.

So why don't you stand up and see what God creates.

But I promise I'm almost done with my side of this debate.


I leave you with this, ask God for His fear to worship Him, honor Him and seek His heart.

Because the worst thing God can ever tell you is to depart.




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