"I'm There"


You say it's better not to know.

It won't get out the window.

I'll never tell,

Until you ring the bell.

The bell of permission.

About your secret mission.

That not even I know.

You say you'll be okay.

As you disappear in the snow.

I try to say no,

But I can't make a sound.

Not a murmur,

Not a whisper.

You can't here me and I'll never tell.

You keep you yourself locked up.

You won't let me in.

You don't know,

That i see,

See who you really are.

Not who you want to be.

You're true person.

No need to be afraid.

I'm there.

Always there.

There's no need to hide in your shell,

Which you make your little cell.

You don't have to tell me.

No need to explain.

I can already feel your pain.

No need to hide,

I'm by your side.

No matter how you are,

Your a shinin star.

No matter where you are.

Nothin will happen,

Your, your own captain,

No one can control you.

No one has to listen.

They can leave you alone,

Just like a little stone.

No, not me.

I will not be,

like the others.

That have left,

Put you in the dust.

When you get mad and cuss.

I am here,

You are there.

Let me in.

I can help,

The anger under your skin.

I feel crawling,

You have changed,

Your not the same.

But don't worry I feel your pain.

I can help, just listen.

Just sit down.

One day you'll get your crown.

No ones perfect,

I can help,

With your pain.

And everything can be good again.


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