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She’s sitting sideways
Hair trimmed and teased close to her scalp
Her legs dangling down, barely reaching the floor
And her shoelaces, undone, lay in a tangle about her feet
She sits alone, unsure of the world she has stumbled upon
It is a world that seems to reject her very existence

Just a table away a group of kids turn towards her
Their eyes stretching open, staring
Accusing eyes, wide as pennies
As if they have never seen a creature like her before
They point towards her cropped hair, her seemingly long neck
Giraffe, they whisper among themselves
After all the girl came from Africa

They do not know that the girl listens
They do not know that she understands
She hears their hurtful words
Each comment tears at her being
They do not know that as she goes home every day
Her eyes dry and red
Why ?


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