The Girl In The Mirror

Fri, 03/20/2020 - 11:25 -- Jess G

A little girl looks in the mirror one day

And wishes her reflection would just go away

 Echoes of torment resound in her ears

As her eyes fill to the brim with tears


Each taunt and tease like a knife to the soul

Have finally begun to take their toll

Loathing rips her mind apart

While disgust consumes her broken heart


She looks in the mirror and hates what she sees

Poisonous thoughts become a deadly disease

She believes she's stupid and ugly and fat

Who could possibly love someone like that?


For months she took it to the extreme

And refused to eat a single thing

She starved and starved and starved some more

Until she passed out on the floor


She woke up later, terrified and weak

And decided this is not the solution to seek

Her life no longer for bullies to take

These horrible thoughts she would finally forsake


So she stands in front of the mirror once despised

And lets go of all the self-hatred and lies

Lets go of the shame and the taunts and the stares

Of tears and anger, pain and despair


Only she can dictate how she feels in her skin

Her eyes twinkle as she breaks into a grin

Because she's discovered a truth indisputable

The girl in the mirror is absolutely beautiful

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