The Loudest Whisper


Your subtle whispers 

scream in my ears

exclaming hate

pronounce my fears

I can see your staring eyes

looking through me

judging, spreading rumors


But I am strong 

Your words are weak

Pushing through this fight 

Protect the meek

Maybe one day you'll realize

your actions fake

your life a lie 

You'll look into their broken eyes

and you might think that you have won 

But the truth is,

your broken, 

you've always been the broken one.

On the inside where it truly counts

your ugly and rude

your guilt gets bigger by the pound

Just cause you think your perfect

doesn't give you the right to decide who's truly worth it

do you think your better because your rich?

do you think your better because you drive some fancy car?

do you think your better cause your daddy is a star?

Let me tell you something you uncultured swine, 

we are all the same,

you and I

and no matter what the world might think

I know the truth

your on the brink

traveling down a lonely road 

with your fake friends

and your besotted toad,

You think if they knew who you really were

they'd be friends with you just the same?

It doesn't matter the truth is out

the life you live

so full of shame, 

You make excuses for your words

you lie and cheat call me a nerd

Maybe what you don't understand 

Is that your evil words

are a back hand

Every harm you make , it leaves a blister

every rumor you spread, 

The loudest Whisper



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