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Come home thou youth, Away from that gory hill, Of youthful restiveness. Neglect the play,
1 hour 16 min ago
My childhood fled away from my life Absconding , like a prisoner from jail Knowledge rescued me
1 hour 31 min ago
Empty This is the best way I can describe how I feel right now How I feel knowing that it’s over
2 hours 13 min ago
life is a wonder it can be found or taken it can be earned or lost also baught or stolen  
2 hours 23 min ago
In November of 2011, Dad was told that her was terminal and wouldn't survive.
3 hours 56 min ago
The man on the corner with nothing to spare. But who would pause to help him?
4 hours 41 min ago
My latest fasination, my newest obsession is you I think about you all through the school day
6 hours 16 min ago
Romans 8:5-6             New English Translation
7 hours 34 min ago
کچھ لوگ محبت میں کچھ دام لگا لے گے ایسے میں بیٹھے ہم انسو ہی بہا لے گے پہلی سی کوئی بات نہیں ہے تجھ میں
7 hours 45 min ago
i'm screamimg on the inside and you can't hear me.
11 hours 21 min ago