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Differing from our enemy, in one way the same   Our conflict in common
6 hours 11 min ago
Oh fate! deceiver of mortals, Your cold ember takes even more than death, You have become a catastrophe
6 hours 34 min ago
Days go forward,  nights in reverse   Calling us back
6 hours 46 min ago
Every pain I endure is untold 
7 hours 28 min ago
The sun goes up we have are good day's. the sun goes down, we all have are sad and death day's. It's just the way it is.
8 hours 42 min ago
Your words are just funny to me Please don't butt into my affairs Don't say the same exact thing
9 hours 28 min ago
The wind slips through the leaves of the trees. The leaves ruffle and flutter as if they can take off at any moment.
9 hours 34 min ago
Es war einmal eine Liebe Wird immer eine Liebe sein
10 hours 4 min ago
day clothes, hair tie, my father's baby ring Strip me clean, strip my skin. Strip it like sheets on the bed.
11 hours 1 min ago
Do you think that I’m untouchable so you treat me like someone who is supposed to sit back and be quiet even while you torture
11 hours 17 min ago