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There we go again, coming back around to where we were
2 hours 20 min ago
I remember a time when I couldn't look in the mirror without watching a tear roll down my face
3 hours 58 min ago
Taking the time to be a better me. Opening up my mind so I can see. All the many things I can be.
4 hours 58 min ago
Why can't I shake these feelings? Feels as though my heart is bleeding. Late at nigh starring at the cellings.
5 hours 9 min ago
So much pain. So much hurt. Living here on Gods green earth.. Always wondering who to beleive.
5 hours 14 min ago
Sitting in rehab bored as hell. I ain't go lie it feels like jail. Only difference is I ain't in a cell.
5 hours 23 min ago
Have you ever met someone like she? A woman who is so full of mystery. A beautiful  soul who is so full of misery.
5 hours 31 min ago
Sylvia Plath was my favourite poetess still so beautiful  up to her death    beautiful poems 
6 hours 3 min ago
I see the eager rain dancing on my window pane  your in my cool eyes again  looking wild and tame 
6 hours 18 min ago
The house is behind us. The porch light is on. I hear laughter inside. 
7 hours 39 min ago