Fat Life


Fat Girl in the buffet line,
Fills half of her plate
And eats half of it.
"I'm stuffed, really,
Couldn't eat another bite."
Fat Girl loves wintertime
Because swimsuits hate her
And no one should have
To see the tainted,
Baggy, grotesque rolls
That belong to Fat Girl.
Fat Girl at prom
Sitting in the back,
Dances when the lights are off
All by herself because
Boys are afraid that
Fat Girl might crush them
If they danced with her.
Fat Girl in speech class
Stands behind the podium
Hiding the outfit she spent
Thirty minutes choosing,
But she's still Fat Girl
Under six layers of clothing.
Fat Girl likes photography
Because taking pictures
Means you aren't in them,
And Fat Girl needs no reminder
Of what she looks like....
No, who she is.
Society sees a fat girl
And labels her Fat Girl.
She could be gorgeous
(In the face),
Or a mathematical genius,
Or have a voice from angels,
Or the ability to
Make art with words.
But none of that matters,
Because she is Fat Girl.
Fat overpowers everything.
Fat Girl is on a level
Lower than the rest
Because she weighs too much
So her platform can't float
Up to the others'.
Fat Girl knows the punch line
To every punch-in-the-face
Joke that is spit out at her.
Fat Girl could save the world,
But she would still be fat.
And that's what people see.
Friends say nothing tastes
As good as skinny feels,
But the taste of cruelty
Fat Girl has experienced
From the outside world
Cancels out all other tastes.
Fat Girl ate her own soul
Because she mistook it
For a Big Mac.
Fat Girl is incapable of
Being a good friend because
She takes up too much space.
She can't ride the roller coaster
Or jump in the bounce house
Or run the 5k for charity.
She can't shop at the mall
Or wear Hollister or Miss Me
And she's never had a boyfriend
Because fat is unacceptable.
In movies, boys who are considered
Nerdy, ugly, overweight, or awkward
Still find redemption in pretty girls.
But pretty boys only love girls
Who blow away in the breeze.
There is no movie about Fat Girl
Finding Prince Charming,
Unless Charming also weighs
More than the average elephant.
Fat Girl in the buffet line,
Might as well be on stage
In front of a crowd
Ten thousand strong.


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