I am a Bird

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 15:08 -- Dani795

They don't kow the tears I cry,
They don't know the life I have,
I have wings and I can fly,
Going by my own path.

I seem weak,
But I am strong,
Very sweetly meek,
But not for long.

They regret thier descison,
As they speak the words,
I am not a little pigeon,
I am a strong willed bird.

Whenever I fall,
I get right back up,
They laugh and call,
Sometimes its tough.

They think they look over me,
They think they are great,
But I am free,
I hold my own fate.

I am strong now,
Flying high like a bird,
I was found,
Soaring to be heard.


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