Eye of the Tornado (Befriend the enemy)


Laguna Creek High School
6550 kenbridge street
United States
38° 26' 17.2356" N, 121° 25' 36.8796" W

Bullies aren't born, they're made, So now there's a movement to foil it

Though, I'll admit.. there's never a reason to shove a face in a toilet

But we only see one victim... let's be real, bullies or victims too

Everyhing's for a reason, SO here's what you should do...

Befriend the enemy, because he probably has it bad

He could be a victim of child abuse, or the absense of a dad

Right before he hits you, give him a compliment

Hey, who knows he'll probably rethink that hit

It may seem risky but it'll work for the best

You'll have a new friend and not a will-power test

Befriending the enemy works in the long run

Because one less bully is a job well done.

Walk into the eye of the tornado to see

Bullies are victims too. Like you.. or me.




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