Every day people pass me by

Like I'm not even there

I want to be noticed

I want to be seen

I want to go about my routine

Without having to worry about everyone else

Or being anxious

Or being judged

Or being told I'm not enough


But we live in a world 

Where you cannot avoid

The things that they say

The things that they gossip

The things that they always whisper

When they decide that I'm not in the picture

They're hiding behind the curtain

They're hiding in the shadows

They're hiding out of sight and thought


I feel like I am invisible

I'm not noticed

And I never was

I just stood aside

And watched everyone walk by

Hoping someone would notice me


Instead, I remain

Again and again

With the rain

Pouring down,

Washing away

Any trace of me

From anyone's eye

Leaving me alone 

and broken

and paralyzed.







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