The Solution (Love)


United States
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There are people under the steeple
Who can’t keep their eyes off the peep-hole.
Why are their minds so weak and feeble?
It’s misunderstood, so deem it evil.
Mr. Man sits in Congress so regal,
Writing laws to make it illegal.
Again under the wings of the patriotic eagle,
We find ourselves “separate but equal”.

Though we march with pride at the parade,
There’s still progress to be made.
It’s time to empower the youth to be unafraid.
We need to tear down these closets
Because they’re suffocating so many,
And some would rather die than try to hide.
So a boy takes his own life,
A tragic end to a young and promising mind.

We can inspire a nation to change;
Young voices from coast to coast,
Coming together, uniting in exchange
For a chance to feel the same.
We speak differently, see differently, touch differently,
But we all breathe the same.
Our heroic hearts beat like pounding drums
To which we all march; equality is our aim.

In this era of spiritual evolution, it’s time for a revolution.
We live in a world where war is called the answer,
But it’s never the solution.
We need to give peace a chance,
Break down the barriers that divide us, and dance.
Celebrate because we are human, and because there is nothing,
Nothing more beautiful than living and loving your own existence.
So share it with people you love,

Love, love, love.

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