"Youth; Walking Definition of Insanity "


Little by little, the table breaks

We put more on it to see how much it can take

It has broken before, just like the vanity

But we push and push... We are Insanity.

What makes you think the outcome will be any different from before?

I jump out as soon as you jump in, only one foot holding the door.

And it's closing, and closing, and... ha.

I am indecisive.

You are aggressive.

I blame my father

And you blame the memories of the girl who almost had your daughter...

Ha... Yet we still cannot see the trouble in the water.

... All you want is my love.

But I push and I shove

Reason being that I was taught to trust no one.

Because they shake with one hand

While in pockets they hold guns.

The sick part about this is that we play snake for fun.

You know...  Just to hurt someone.

Little by little, the table breaks.

We place more and more just to see how much it can take.

Thank God that youth is only Vanity...

For we are walking definitions of insanity.


-Krystal Hines

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