My neck cringes as I stretch my mouth from cheek to cheek,

My teeth reflecting the indulgence they constantly seek,

“Smile,” is the only word they directly speak,

But smiles are the sole reason my soul is weak.


My smile screams at me for help, but I ignore,

My smile was kidnapped by the puns, fueling yours,

Now I have marble blended pores, and a face made of mineral,

“But who’s smile is more important?” said Hitler to his Generals,

As he hacked away at the smiles of Jews, fags, and niggers,

He had a smile on his face, laughing the words “Hail Hitler!”


Your smile is a weapon, taking aim on the innocent,

kind hearted people at the mercy of degenerates,

But maybe if I smile for you, I can end this,

So I smile until my cheeks bleed, but your smiles remain endless.


Then I glare at the reflection of my smile,

Every smile they’ve ever had is written across my face,

As light reflects off of my blade flickering smiles at a rapid pace,

My trembling hands carve a message to remember,

“They will never smile again,” it says and spills a bloody river.


So now my smile is a revolution,

Because my heart’s wretched, loaded with fiendish pollution,

And now I’m strong enough to smile back,

So if you smile at me, I’ll make something to smile at,

And you smile flashing your brawn like “he won’t do anything,

If he won’t even smile back, why should I be worrying?”

But now I smile at your life, with a large grinning trigger

So when you decide to smile at me, just remember my smile is bigger.


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