Kidnapping Liberty And Freedom

Liberty has been taken hostage, abducted in many parts

Of the world

Freedom is often smothered, suffocated in many hearts

In this world

Both are often used as steady stepping stones

By demagogues and fibbers to break the bones

Of patriots or sincere citizens yearning for justice

Respect, humanity and peace

Freedom was supposed to be the beacon of democracy

What happened? Nobody knows. Hypocrisy

Is a fatal contagion, which is ruining our society

Like a flashy oxymoron in an esoteric ecstasy

Be alert! Be vigilant! Freedom means

Different things for different folks

Liberty is like an abused substance

Where repulsive recidivists or wannabe crooks

Use unimaginable decoy to bamboozle innocent citizens

Be aware of nebulous nuances or weird connotations

Be on the lookout for spurious explanations

Freedom and liberty for all are about being free

Like eagles in the clouds, and the squirrels on the tree

Shaking small branches, while lightly groping trunks and leaves

Always be aware of the artful dodgers and the slick thieves

That’s a voodoo ploy, a trick to hypnotize the body

And to annihilate the very essence of the soul

Cry foul, speak out! A human is not a remanufactured tool

An unceremoniously born again or an uneducated fool

Freedom is audaciously very expensive, not obviously cheap

Freedom is a paradox for countless poltroons who peep

And weep like crocs swimming in a swap full of evil creeps

Beep your horn if you believe that everyone should be free

And be aware of the camouflaged criminals in the quarry

Blow the horn again, because innocent people don’t belong

In jail. I wish seeing an evil transgressor swallowing his tongue

Simply to live how it is to lose freedom or being hurt wrong

Because liberty is about the truth, freedom is about justice

And honest individuals are about love, respect and peace

Sweet freedom is like vital oxygen and vitamins for the body

And liberty is about bona fide hope and happiness for humanity

Liberty has been immorally taken hostage

And freedom belongs on the zenithal stage

Holding the eternally effulgent torch

That no pariahs shall ever touch.


Copyright © March 2022, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved

Hébert Logerie is the author of several books of poetry



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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