No Escape

It never seems to stop.

The ticking of the clock,

The mocking whispers in the backdrop

And shadows of the giggles, aiming to stalk.


It never seems to stop.

Walking quickly with the head bowed,

Enduring hurtful words from the treetop

Peace and self-respect, unallowed.


It never seems to stop.

One day, more aggression resulting in

A bone breaking free with a sickening pop

The innocent never seems to win.


It never seems to stop,

Tormentors being let off with a lecture

In pain and scolded, unable to hold back the teardrop

With the knowledge that they were left to venture.


It never seems to stop.

The angered words of comfort from another

Causing negative to positive, to swap.

The feeling of love from others, to smother.

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Our world
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