There  once  was  a  little  bird

Who    just    wanted    to    fly

“Spread your wings and leap,”

The   other   birds   told    her,

But the little bird  was unable.

The  other  animals  teased  her  relentlessly

Told    her    she    wasn’t    good    enough

Still,    the  little  bird  held  her  head  high

She  practiced  every  day  in  order  to  fly

And did her best to ignore their stares.

Each   day   the   little  bird   struggled

She played happy  to  fool  the  world,

But a smile                                       is not enough

To truly                                                                     be happy,

She needed                                                                                      to break free.

Without so much                                                                                                       as a word,

The little bird                                                                                        took a leap

And                                                                                      soared

But surrounding her                                     neck was a noose

And now my little bird is forever gone.

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My family
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