They Know Me?


When asked, "What is your name?"

My response is also a question

Why am I unsure--of the one title I've possessed since birth,

How do I claim to know myself. If I still don't know what I'm called?

The other kids have no problems telling me what I'm called--

And since I'm so hesitent of placing myself in the phylogenetic tree,

Instead I allow Them to specify me; put me in my phylum, class, and order.

I become a whole new breed; my taxa are as follows

Kingdom-Weird , Phylum-Retard, Class-Submissive, Order-Idiot, Family-Ugly ,Genus-Clumsy ,Species-Grossus feminius

Though soon the name of my species is replaced with something more familiar--

The name found on my birth certificate.

Perhaps this is why I am so conflicted when asked my own name,

They have made it so that I will forever connect the sound of my name with the taxa they created.

And now I am sure of what I'm not

I am not me.

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