She is






I am


She is

A girl who, when she says "hello" her smile is genuine

And it makes your heart pound in your chest

Her eyes have a fire, a passion you could never put out.

I am

A lesbian

And I love her

"You are an abomination"

"You are a whore!"

But I am not

I am human and I love this girl

Who is Breathtakingly beautiful

Who is so kind and loving

And even though I am only average,

She loves me, too.

Teacher, you realize I love her.

Every day you smile upon me

When you see us together

Because the look in my eyes when I'm with her,

I am in love

And it is pure

But why, teacher,

Do you not see how I get shoved

get called a whore

an abomination

To you

I ask

Please, show everyone that

I am human

And that I love this amazing girl

That because I do, I am no less of a person than you.

That I am an average girl

Who loves someone extraordinary

And that this beautiful soul loves me

I am not a whore

I am not an abomination

I am in love

I am human.


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