Death By Humiliation

Left and right you hear people mumble your name.

That feeling like everyone is staring at you.

You know what happened is totally out of your hands, but still you feel guilty,

Embarrassed, and ashamed.

You do not dare look up at their malicious eyes, aimed to kill.

Then silence, like a sharp blade cutting at your heart,

Feeling so fragile and helpless, you hide behind your shadow.

So stricken with grief, doomed by your down fall, your stupid and misguided mistake.

A single rebel tear rolls down your face, then a revolution of them come cascading down.

Then crying a muffled cry, he walks over, locks perfect in all,

He, slowly taking his time, comes towards your direction.

He sits across and grabs your hands, and tries to comfort you.

His face charming, looks dashing, and voice compelling,

You cannot help but fall under his spell.

A spell, that what it is. 

He is dating that whore that sent you down this dark path.


She turns her head; she sees the wretched bitch laughing wide.

She grabs her things and heads for the one place where they cannot get her.

Holding back her rebels from the final siege;

She rushes into the girl’s lavatory, sealing the door behind herself, and quickly darts to a stall.

Feeling sick to her stomach, she brings her head to the rim of the toilet, seat up.

Feeling a river of pain flood her mouth, with that came her light lunch.

Opening her mouth shattering the dam, and out flowed the river of acid.

Light headed from mount emotions erupting, she passed out dropping her head in the toilet.

Still breathing the flood in to her lungs, it filled with fluid and acid, destroying her tissue.

She wakes up with a burning sensation in her chest,

Coughing up vomit and toilet water,

wiping bits of French fries from her face.

She makes it to the sink and looks at herself, vomit drenched hair, face and chest burning like hell’s inferno.

Breathing stifled, heart dissatisfied,

Now spitting blood, coughing uncontrollably,

She collapses.

Slowly fading from existence,

Closing her eyes accepting her fate.

A slow and silent death, in the school bathroom

Death by Humiliation …

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I enjoyed your piece very much, in fact today I've read many poems from people who have been feeling the same way. There was a piece I read today by "fortheweeknd" entitled "Her Journey with Ana and Mia (In first person)" It consists of very similar themes. Perhaps the two of you can compare your stories.

You stuture was artful and you made sure to use such beautiful patterns and maatephors. Keep on writing!



Looking back on what I wrote. I impressed and ashamed. Mad at my gramattical mistakes but at the same time proud of what emotion possesed me.

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