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Alone, not wanted by anyone
Feelings of love no longer entwine my heart.
I am on the brink of chaos, destruction, hopelessness.
Darkness swirls around me
Clouding my hopes, my dreams.
Pain squeezes, strangling my being
I fall into a pit of despair
I have no hope, no dreams, no happiness.
It's all a lie; everything is a lie.
The reassurances are fabrications, I will not be okay.
I struggle to comprehend life. What is the point?Everything ends. Nothing is forever.
There is no such thing as forever, as happily ever after.
Why do we create this facade?
Life is dark and morbid and wrong.
I am glass, shattering easily
I try to put myself back together, make myself whole, but the glass is slivered
I will forever and always be broken, wrong and damaged.
Does true happiness even exist?
I rupture, fracture, collapse
I am crushed and ruined and lost.
The fire burns inside of me, begging to get out
It yearns to leave me.
Emotions struggle to burst out, to bomb the facade.
I am not perfect, far from it.
Can I change?
Imperfect me wants to change, to rebuild hope
It's a lost cause
I am tainted.
I try to unscramble the disaster in my head, it's a mess, cluttered and dark
My life tained with grotesque, it explodes, tingles
Rushing and raging emotions detonate my life
Leaving me alone.



Truly awesome. The imagery here throws me through a whirlwind of what you feel, makes me feel the broken glass, see the dark clouds, and even smell the pain in the air. Hats off to you! Don't bottle up those emotions.

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