You tear apart your family,

You make me want to die,

You can't accept the unplanned,

You're the main reason I cry;

Why do you do these things?

I may never know,

But I wish I could pour sense into you,

Maybe true colors are being shown.

I can't stand what you are,

I can't stand what you've done,

And if I had a choice,

I would definitely run.

A simple mistake,

an accident, even,

And you turn into an animal,

I wish I could be leaving.

I wish I could leave,

And I know it won't be long,

 but the thought of one more minute

feels so terribly wrong.

You are a monster,

Cold-hearted and mean,

And you will never know it,

And your conscience will never be clean.

That terrible look in your eyes,

The hatred withing,

The heart wrenching insults,

They still make me cringe.

I'm crying as I write this,

You bring me so much pain,

I can't wait to say goodbye,

And never see you again.

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