She didn't act like that

She didn't act like that

until they called her fat

then they called her ugly

Her best friend noticed what she was hiding

she saw the scars on her wrist

I guess she cut

But why?

"Did you cut?" Her best friend asked

"No." She replied

Why did she lie?

She didn't act like that

Until they noticed and called her an attention brat

She didn't harm her wrist 

She found the bruises on her lips

And cut her hips

A little boy saw

"Hey my sister has those, some mean people put them on."

His sister was gone with in a week

I seek help not attention

She didn't act like that

Until she realized she was sad

Her parents called her bad

Just because of preference

Why must they hate gays

That's okay

I'm  okay. I'm strong

She didn't act like that

Until they told her all gays will burn in hell

"Well, God loves all his children." She quietly whispered at church

Mom and Dad locked her in her room because of her opinion

What's the cure?

How do I stop?

Why did I start?

I wondered and wondered

Until they found me dead

It was all because of them

This poem is about: 
My community


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