Lies between the lines


You say that you really care,

but do you show it, NO!

Have you ever been there

for me when I was getting

harassed, NO! You just 

made it looked like I was 

the snitch and not a victim,

that I was the one who should have let it go,

well teacher if you really care about your

students wouldn't you have done something

to prevent all the drama, NO! You wouldn't

instead you just sat there telling them not to 

do it again which led me into bigger trouble

than before for being a "snitch", but it's not

your fault afterall you're just a regular school

teacher who doesn't give a shit about her students

but the minimum wage she gets,they say that you

should tell a teacher whenever somebody's

giving you a hard time, bullshit I say, where

were you when I was having a hard time?

Didn't it ever occur to you why I was slipping

in class, why I was going through depression,

why I missed so many days of school.

No it didn't, of course it didn't, I mean why would

you care about some 14-year-old girl's problems

when you're just being paid to show up and teach

some snotty ass kids, so why act like you care about

my problems when in reality you don't give a damn,

Hypocrite! If you say this to your students you need

to show it, and not just say it because you're supposed

to be a role model for us students, you're the one that

supposed to prevent us from going on the wrong path,

what do you expect what's going to happen to us if

you've filled our heads with lies, I tell you what's gonna

happen, the students are gonna drop out of school, do drugs,

and perhaps even commit suicide because you weren't

there for inspiration, you weren't there to tell us from right

and wrong, you weren't there to help fight our battles,

so either it's time to follow your example or make our owns



coco nelly

Really good poem if I do say so myself

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