I am still alone in this

Wed, 05/27/2015 - 01:42 -- katg96

I am alone in this.
I am their last hope in this family full of failures.
I have high ambitions. I have the courage. I want to be great. 
But I am alone in this. 
I want to make them proud and i want to prove the others wrong. 
Those who have bullied me and bruised me, those who broke down my soul, even by those who love me...My family. 
I was healed and mended to by others who i had created in my mind... A way to cope with the world.
Why did no one hear my cry's of suffering and abuse so long ago? 
I am still alone with this. 
I have no way to pay for school. I feel envious of those who smile and say they are leaving for college as i stay in this small dull college which tears me away as i live life wondering what could be and will i ever be someone. Will my life ever change?
I am alone in this. 
But it is hope. I hope one day something great will happen. I will rise against all odds. I will become someone. I WILL make them proud. I WILL prove the others wrong. I WILL find a way. All i can do is hope. Even then it is just me doing so. But i am still trapped. No one can hear me. No one has helped me.
Someone, anyone can you hear me?

I am still alone in this.

This poem is about: 
My family


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