vent poem

   im trying  my hardest to keep my head up 

  but ive been pushing through as best i can    

   no matter how hard i  try  i cant seem to    make friends 

  it seems as though i'll never be able to communicate  

 no matter what i do im never gonna see the world the way you do 

i guess thats just part of being autistic 

i cant seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel 

it seems like darkness rules my mind 

 as i go through my day i hear the whispers and laughter around me

 it hurts because i dont understand  what i have done to deserve such torment

 im crying out for help 

but im not taken seriously 

im fighting my demons on my own as i have for years

 however ive lost my will to fight

   the counselors teach me technique after technique to help me cope 

but its getting harder and harder to process the world around me 

i dont know how anyone could possibly claim to care about me

i feel so alone and hopeless  i seem to have no purpose

   this isnt a fairy tale  no this is a depressing reality  

i have  no happily  ever after



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