Does It Really Matter?

Tears, lies, gossip, and drama

every day in my school...

Rumors start simply because

people think they're "cool".

To stay out of it and avoid it

is what I decide.

I wouldn't want to be responsible

for a girl or boy committing suicide.

In any life,

this is not healthy.

Does it really matter

whether you're poor or wealthy?

We are all human beings,

but different in many ways.

Bullying, fighting, or abuse

should never be a reason for final days.

When things like suicide start to happen,

peoples' eyes may start to open.

So, next time you're pressured to tease,

say no and put it to an end.

If you were in this position,

you wouldn't like it one bit.

Please take a moment...

put some thought into it.

That person you teased

is dead and gone...

You're all murderers...

NOT "number one".

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Great poem. The picture really opens up people's eyes to the reality of high school bullying vicitims Please read my poems and give me your feedback.


Thank you!


savigirl14, how do I view your poems??


You can go on google type in savigirl14 and click on the first link. It allows you to access all of my poems. I think you might like them especially "Blame"

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