Rusted Love


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Rusted Love

I continually look above to this Texas starlit sky where it shows only genuineness; no possibilities to neither falsify nor pretend.

Beautiful the site though tear shined eyes cloud my vision as my hearts misconstrued theory of love screams out to no end.


No further will I question Him of us for His reply were feelings of myself; a change which now limits me but graciously I make, for that is what I need.

I act cowardly as my decisions make me nervous to no end; do what I must and strongly await for the day that I confidently stand and succeed.


I call upon you now my friend to tell me what thoughts you carry; do you believe this love that has no certainty?

There is only greatness behind these brown eyes. No hidden agenda, no faking, no lies; only that of honesty.


To bring you back I think of poison turning pain; melodies corrupted by intruding hateful words that obviously were untrue.

But then I think of you and I think of this passion within me, think of love I promised myself to win anew.


Did I love you wrong or not prove enough? Was it you or I or was it both? Was it an end to begin, beginning to an end; a love expected to only to rust.

With eyes shut I ask for guidance. I imagine our love again one day; love without misinterpretation is a must.


Dreaming of your arms and warmth against my body is a dream sadly without conclusion.

How can a day dream become times reality if you continually force exclusion?


Reasoning’s are never joined hand in and hand with you and I; narrow-minded, untrusting questions you propel against my fragile heart.

Could it be a day come of trust enwrapping our love or is it true that this love has nothing of near future, no plausible new start?


Time can only accomplish so much. Words of hatred, jealousy, and ugliness he without contemplation pained me seemingly without feeling.

Why cannot I be rid him my heart? Is it his times of sincerity mirroring true self? No matter our neither love facts nor reasons I will win as I have already begun my healing.


This battle we fight of our unforgotten journey cannot astray my thoughts too fast, nor may I hide behind any sort of impassive mask.

The man I fell in true love with may leave me without our ties though not I; option of one keeps me headed to him with one ambitious stubborn task!


I write to you to confess my thoughts of our relationship, struggles, and voidances in hopes to save moments of a loving connection and force not even one more farewell.

I pray you read with an open minded eye; hear my hearts cry, love, and anger as you understand where I stood before and how in love I fell.


I shatter my mind to search this heart to find the words if only to define the focused on memories of us in love that I wish not forgotten.

Love you would show at a glance and actions of dear simplicities came few yet my mind thinks endlessly as my heart cries out for what we could have been.


Rust that we have lathered our timeline in could be like that of a costly antique. Each item has its own story which beauty draws in attention and brings them together.

Rust can be beautified. Let the poison of our past be the like their rust as we find each other once more and blight the word “never”.


Our deviousness is poisonous pain turned into vengeance that forced us apart yet age if let, will make us antique, worthwhile, and trusting with age.

Willingness and time can transform this tarnished rust to a beautified story. Take my hand as together we can turn a new page.


You and I together can break the wall that’s crept in between us. Do you feel it? I can, there’s a blissful love if only we reach our antiqued peak.

Come to me soon, place your hand upon my heart and tell me to my eye that my beat doesn’t match yours. We strive together. This poem says it all, naught need to speak.


Forward and forward my ways will change, my heart will heal, and forgiveness I will learn and give to you moreover with each new step.

My feet will lead me on my journey as preparing my future I continually hold onto the good parts of myself in which I have always kept.


Normally I may say there is no meaning to this rhyme or point in which to make but this is not one of those, this is one of a kind.

So read my words and carry on as you may but never forget my affirmation. This poem was created so easily because I have found what they call peace of mind.



I wrote this about the man I call my lover obviously but it tells the whole lot of what we have been through together. it has not always been good but it has been a learned lesson.

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