Society Killed the Teenagers



Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.

Uniform kids look straight as they walk by:

So cool for wearing ray bans and some khakis.

It’s a peacoat complex: fashion trends of years ago.

The same clothes they made fun of once upon a time.


Everyone knows that same old crew, together since beginning of school:

Never thought your best friend would join.

Funny how that happens;

You think you know a person, but see you’re wrong, you don’t, you never do.

Change is the only thing that can defy its meaning in this universe.


So now you sit and stare at these strangers, these consumers, ghosts of friendships past.

Wondering how we got to this point: When did the friendship die? Was it even ever alive?

Years wasted chasing pirates and dragons off the front lawn:

Creating an inseverable bond, a friendship to test the sands of time.

Over. And for what? A seat with the same  kids that put your brother in a trash can.


We used to make fun of these demons, these posers who put up a front.

But now you’re one of them so I sit and resist alone.

You think you’re so cool, accepted, popular for fitting in.

But if they knew you like I do, would they still let you in?

Surprise, your new found friendships aren’t as solid as they seem.


So go ahead and do what you want, play your silly little game.

But don’t think I’ll follow, worship, or band wagon like the rest.

Because I see what this is. Just a desperate cry to fit in.

You’re sabotaging what you know, losing something that was real.

Even if you realize soon, there can be no coming back.


You’re peers told you to consume, so you consumed it.

Told you to follow, so you followed it.


Society kills the teenagers, but you’re not dead yet.

The days will end and you’ll grow old: so do something real


Because all the artificial things you spent time doing in high school,

Will fall apart once May rolls around.

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