Monsters, Superman, and Games

Children are getting left behind

And it seems as though no one notices
Because their frame is small
And their voices are hushed
Children are getting left behind 
Because a faceless education system 
Acts as the monster under their bed
That crushes dreams instead of bones
Basing intelligence off of definitions memorized
And accumulated stickers
Children are getting left behind
Because they are running through the streets
Poverty perspiring off their sunken faces
Falling asleep to the sounds of sirens
And despite what they've been told
Superman isn't on his way
Children are getting left behind
Because everyday they hear the whispers down the hallways
And feel the sharp jabbing of elbows in their ribs
Slowly driving a wedge between them and their confidence
But they are told it's just a joke
"It's just a game"
Whitney Houston claimed
That "children are our future" 
And yet what have we left them?
What have we taught them?
What have we done?
Not enough.


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