The Memories of my Body

My arms remember

The way she held me.

She kept me safe.

As safe as he ever made me feel.


My eyes remember

The tears I cried

When they told me I would go to hell.

They told me I would burn

Because I took refuge in her embrace.


My ears remember

Denying the lies they told me.

I covered them

As they told me the sickness in me.


My body remembers

The bruises I received 

From the ones who couldn't accept us.

Bruised and scarred and bleeding,

She helped me stand back up.


My lips remember

The eagerness in her kisses

And the giddiness of a silly schoolgirl

That always made me smile.


My heart remembers

The months she waited for me

And it remembers

The rythm of her heart

And it remembers the sound

Of two hearts breaking as they parted

And the reunion

Of two hearts that will never be the same.


Dear Heart,

Do you remember?


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