There oncewas a boy who


There oncewas a boy who rode my bus,

with wide green eyes,

who sat alone...

and didn't seem to care.

There once was a boy at my school,

who was quiet

but had the most beautiful smile,

but you could tell it was forced.

There once was a boy who was now mute,

with no emotions,

and a blank face

and who was empty inside

There once was a boy who skipped school,

and didn't seem to care,

because he hated himself,

almost as much as he hated school.

There once was a boy who was bullied

for his cuts,scars&tears.

he didn't know a way to fix his life,

so he wrote "that"note.

There once was boy who cried in his bathroom,

sitting on the floor,

with a gun to his head

and whispered "goodbye"

There once was a funeral,

for a boy i once knew

who had a beautiful smile

and wide green eyes.



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