I got my report car yesterday

and like any teen my age, 

I went on my twitter page,

saw a bit of rage,

expressions of a bitter day,

but as I go to type my tweet, I don't know what to say.

See as I scrolled

I rolled my eyes

at the sight of higher grades,

because to me a number doesn't measure the knowledge in my brain. 

See expierience is my teacher

and her lessons come in pain.

So I may not be number one in my class,

but if I get knocked on my ass,

I know how to stand back up.

I learned how to write when I was five

and two plus two shortly after.

Both subjects I've now mastered.

So if senior year is educations 12th chapter,

What am I supposed to learn from you?

See Einstein, Bill Gates, Ben Frank, and Tom Edison

all dropped out of school,

but in my eyes have done much better than

the valedictorians

who graduate with degrees,

but end up exploring in

a field they did'nt even major in.

Athletes in the majors making millions,

while civilians

are slaving in a society

where education is a priority.

But if you're a minority,

the light shined on your odyssey

is quite honestly,

flickering on and off.

So to me,

my level of G.P.A.

comes from things like my

Grand Parents Advice,

and helps me prepare for the

Greater Plans Ahead.

See whether 65 or 100,

a number won't make me submit,

and if I submit

a paper

a little later

than the due date,

and the grader

tells me that I can do greater,

I tell them that I agree.

So let me step out this seat

and move my desk away

because if thinking outside the box will help me escalate

or end up in an Escalade,

then these four walls, ceiling, and floor are all a contradiction.

So whether you were born extremely priviledged

or you got no pot to piss in,

don't let these teachers

teach ya

that a number

can alter 

the success

of your mission. 




My favorite part? Basically all of it. Are you my other half? Haha , great expression.

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