i'm the new kid on the block

the new kid on the street

trying to get along

trying to make end's meet

sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, yeah right.


School is hell, no haven for me,

they stuffed me into a locker just last week,

hung my gym shorts on the flagpole for the whole school to see,

sometimes i think they hate me and only me.


I've heard of people hitting their breaking point,

I'm past that point and onward,

so many times i've tried to stand up,

but they've only kicked me back down,

so when i pick up the knife, it's calming,

a blade of metal, fits right in my hand.


I broke into my hell, there's no haven for me,

not here, not at home, not where anyone can see,

i draw it back and let go, as i lay in red,

by the time they find me, I'm thouroughly dead.


It's the kids who were beatin' me up every day,

who found me in my blood where I lay,

they screamed and covered their mouth and their eyes,

then ran for a teacher to tell of my demise.


they read the suicide note, and didn't know why,

such a young life didn't have to die,

but they didn't know these kids had driven me there,

for they were the popular kids, without so much as a care.


then one by one they all fess up,

the teachers see the evidence all piling up,

they were the ones who had driven me there,

they were the ones whom i had everything to fear.


Proper burial rites, and all, then I'm gone,

with an angel, no more pain, i'm free,

but i watch as my bullies go up to my grave,

whisper the things i'd never thought i'd ever hear,

to me, dead and buried, they whisper, sorry.


I'm sorry too,

I never stuck around,

To you, I took the easy way out,

but i couldn't take it anymore, so i died,

and you're the one's who'll have to live with that in your lives.


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