Bully Blues

Ridiculed, the punch-line to every joke.
Do not tell me what to do,
I am not a part of you.
Don't you know it hurts?

The scars gather as well as the tears.
Deeper they dig into my skin.

Life is not fair and society is mean,
Is being degraded all there is?
To humanity, I demand my cause.

Life got dark and the pain increased.
Alone in a crowded world.
No one understands and I keep quiet until
I can not contain it anymore.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel,
No silver linning.
Maybe, just maybe if someone had helped
I would not have done it.

It is too late now.
The noose hung and the clock stopped.
Time has come, taking my pain with me.

Gone are my hopes and dreams, gone.
In another life,
I hope to be someone's salvation.

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