A Simple Thought

When I was a child I wanted to be so famous that I would be able to touch the star.

Trust me if I could meet him again I would ask what makes him dream so far?

Back then we were just kids giving a simple thought on our futur based on dreams.

But if you pay attention you will soon notice that our dreams are not what they seem.

We are then just dismissed and these dreams are left forgotten just like a dead meme.

I remember when a simple thought would bloom into something incredable.

But why now are we all scrambleing for sources to put faith in ourselves in order

to say its credable.

When we are born we are no longer children we are told to put our toys down and

trade them instead for the harsh taste of reality

Schools are no longer places of comunity rather its a battlefeild where you fight to

test your own survivalbility.

I miss the times where I could just say a simple thought to my peers with out being

left open to a class firing squad.

We are just kids living a life like a facade till one day we are smacked in the back of

the head with some kid's spit wad. 

School was a place where we learn to put faith in ourselves so why are we so afraid?

You go through each day hanging onto that child so tight screaming out that they

have to be wrong.

They just have to be wrong.

The simple thought of this child that you held onto is just melody to an old song.

We are no longer taught to come together as one to be something greater in one

grande cog.

We realise that this child is stronger than who we are now.

He kept knocking on that door asking when you could finally come out and play.

So please don't let him just be a simple thought, teach him that what he dreams is

good. Don't dismiss him perk up please listen.

Because everytime you hear your heart beat is just him asking for the key to bring

you into a world where dreams are no longer just a simple thought. 

A simple thought can leave with many things to be taught.

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