Elementary Darkness


United States
41° 44' 49.2504" N, 87° 40' 4.7172" W

When I was tossed into the darkness,
I was lucky enough to be ignored
but still I felt the sword...still I felt the sword.

The darkness had me in its grip,
my innocence was stripped.
I was taunted without provocation
I was ignored without a foundation
and it was all because I had a different calibration.

It was hard - everything hurt, so very bad.
I had nowhere to turn, no way to assert.
For me, the taunting only terminated,
when I in turn graduated.

But, regardless, I survived,
even with a hole in my heart, I lived.
However, my persona was altered slightly
and my outlook on humanity grows ever unsightly.
Perhaps the world is not as you thought the most brightly.



This was written from the heart, written from the very experiences of my elementary school from fifth grade up, from which I graduated. I'm so glad I can express my thoughts into poems so easily, to release that bottled up feeling!

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