Unconditional Love


In middle school, 

my best friend in the entire world 

happened to be gay. 

I think I knew it before he did,

 But I loved him just the same.

People began to bully him.

He was called terrible names. 

His friends turned their backs.

With a punch, he hit the ground—smack.

Sometimes he skipped school- 

Dreading the daily torment.

Sometimes he cried himself to sleep-

Unaccepting of his own sexuality.


I tried to help him, 

 to make him feel happiness, joy…

Unfortunately, though,

 I couldn’t get through to the boy

He found a way out of the bullying—

What if people just thought he was straight?

He finally came out to me

But we also began to “date”.

If people saw us together

 maybe the bullying would stop. 

We went to school, hand in hand,

hoping the torment would finally end.


The worst was just beginning.

Suddenly, in their eyes I was gay-

They called me “dyke,” “emo” “useless”

 They told me to kill myself every day…

 And I almost did.

 I was worthless-

 I wanted the pain to end.

 But I had to be strong-

 for the sake of my best friend.


My friend couldn’t handle it,

he dropped out of school.

Erasing his life, 

he started all new.

I still faced torture

I was scared and alone

Without a best friend to lean on,

My hopelessness shone.

One call on the phone

Was all it took.

His sister told me good news,

and now just look.

He came out to his family

He is supported by all.

Leaving everything behind 

was his best call.

We both changed our lives

New schools, new friends,

We’re surrounded by people

Who helped our hearts mend.


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