True Friends

It was only grade school,

when I had my first friend.

Stuck together like white on rice

She always treated me so nice

Then one day,

Another girl came along

And we couldn’t bare to get along

Yet my friend liked her so


Years go by

And I become a third wheel

As this new friend takes my best friend.

The new girl starts calling me names 

And treated me cruelly.

All the while I wondered,

Why my best friend is standing so quiet?


This instance has made me weary

I instantly assume all other friends will act like my best friend.

In my mind, this is what friends do.

Everyone normally will be treated this way.


More years past and my best friend moves away without a goodbye;

I was secretly angry at her.

I made new friends and forgot the times,

Except the times I was bullied while she quietly stood beside.


Now, I’m rendered the quiet and shy girl.

I’m scared of reliving the past.

Never getting close to anyone

All my "friends" just come and go.


Then one boy came along,

Who seem so interested in me.

I found it quite crazy,

He was trying so hard to keep me, unlike in the past, I was always the only one trying. 


Now, he is my best friend

And I’m living without being weary, anxious, and fearful of another person.

I have better understanding

A better mindset

I now know what a real friend is,

so I make them more easily and cautiously now.

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