Just A Friend


All he needed was a friend/ But he was different/ So he was invisible/ His life more than miserable/ He had nothing already/ Home life unsteady/ The girls never liked him/ The boys wouldn't let him fit in/ The pain was all there was/ Pain was all he knew/ The void had its own life/ Pulling him in/ The darkness driving him to the end/ Of sanity/ Of clearity/ Life was meaningless to him/ The world was a nuisance to him/ Living was a burden/ He only needed a friend/ But the travesity of living was to great/ And death seemed to be his only fate/ The only constant/ He wanted it faster/ The kids at school were the blades/ That stab at his skin/ Tore into his soul/ Dragged every flaw out/ Leaving a cracked mould/ He was irreplaceable/ He was the only one like him/ He was unique/ He was beautiful/ But he never knew that/ He would never that/ The dark had sent an invitation/ A permanent solution/ To a place he will never come back from/ Now the girls wanted to know him/ The boys would've let him been/ But there is no end/ To the cycle of bullying/ The would choose another victim/ we will never know the pain/ Of him being him/ How long will this be continuing?/ How many more will meet the same end as him?

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