The Center

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 14:21 -- Rhye___

I don't like it.
Not at all, I don't appreciate this.
This immense hatred, and dislike.
That is all towards me.
Why? I must ask why...
Why am I the target, of all,
Your hatred?
What have I done? Can't you see?
Your words are like fire,
And I'm doused in gasoline.
I burn from embarrassment, anger,
Hatred and more.
Yet I'm afraid to speak.
Who will come to save me?
I'm travelling down a lonely road,
No one helps, but laughs at me.
I'm tormented by this.
I can't even begin to see the end.
I'm stuck. Stuck right here.
In the middle of all this.
Days seem like months, and years,
Feel like centuries. They won't stop,
Doing this to me...
All this hatred and for what?
What have I done wrong?
Why do you have to torture me?
And down the line, it seems,
I'll have not a friend to speak up for me.
Stop this. I can't take the hatred, the lies,
And teasing. No one seems to care.
I have to leave this. But I can't move.
I'm stuck. Right in the middle.
I'm so tired. Tired of being the center.


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