The Lockbox

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 22:15 -- smv523

Once there was a girl carefree,

until after the grade of three.

for when she walked into grade four,

her life was changed forevermore.

She was given a lockbox that she would keep,

one that she would dream about in her sleep.

She would open it day by day,

then securely lock things away.

Along came grade five,

where words buzzed like bees in a hive.

The lockbox filled more each day,

but very little did she say.

Then along came grade six,

what was that they say about stones and sticks?

More locked in the lockbox each day,

how she wished it would go away.

Seventh grade the lockbox grew.

So what else is new?

One more year she thought just fine,

then the lockbox will leave my mind.

Grade eight not so great,

more things on her plate.

The lockbox filled more and more.

What else could be in store?

Last chances fade away,

finally graduation day.

And as she walked out the door,

she vowed not to use the lockbox evermore.

Start of grade nine,

worried if everything will be fine.

The lockbox still sits at the door.

Still used but not as much as before.

Another year descends,

she enters grade ten.

Nearly nothing does the lockbox take.

Could this be a mistake?

As time went on her voice grew.

She wanted to stand up for those with lockboxes to.

This lockbox she carried was not of her choosing.

It was part of a cruel game she had been losing.

She wanted to change the field.

Her determination would not yield.

Try and try again as she might.

She would never give up until the truth come to light.

Never again would that lockbox hold her back.

Never again would her confidence lack.

Though at times, that lockbox opens in her head, 

filling her mind and nightmares with dread.

She knows that it is behind her, the the past.

And the fears will never last.

She is now brave, strong, and true.

And now she helps others through.

Who was this girl with the terrible box, 

the one that remains with locks?

Why she is no one new.

She maybe a friend,

Or even you.


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