Our Words Mean Worlds

My friend waves a phone in my face and huffs.

It's a brand new girl everyday.

My friend points and judges this girl with anger.

She finds flaws in each and every way.


I scrunch up my nose and nod with hesitation.

Why do I do this to the girl on the screen?

I'm not quite sure who she even is.

I never thought that I could be so mean.


The girl stares from the corner with tears in her eyes.

She heard every word that I said.

I wish I could explain that I didn't mean a word.

It doesn't matter because I already made my bed.


The next day there are sirens and policemen at the school.

I hear a student committed suicide the previous night.

I pray to a God and just hope that he can hear,

"Please, Lord, let that girl be alright."


God didn't hear me. In fact, I was punished.

The girl hung herself in her closet.

She left a note with the picture from the phone screen before.

She was bullied and our mean words finally caused it.


I'm brought out in handcuffs for bullying this girl.

I know that what I've done was so cruel.

The eyes are staring closely from each classroom in the hall

And it's all because I wanted to look cool.






This poem is about: 
My community


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