The Divided State of America


United States

Land of the free. Land of poverty.

In this country you’re judged on sexuality, and ethnicity.

In actuality, we shouldn’t be a theocracy.

We got legality that we can believe,

And use civility, just simply disagree.


Laws are blah, when all have a tragic flaw:

Today, the only way to display what you may say

Is shouting, and shooting your rude mood and crude attitude.


Good news! We’re technologically original.

We’re patriotic individuals. We’re theatrical. We’re also invisibly digital.

But for a nation indivisible, our communication’s not dismissable.

Our behavior should be impermissible, but we take principle from the traditional.


My life is quite bright , I’m not in sight to fail.

I’ll be forthright. It might because I’m white, because I’m a male.

I’m in a good light, despite money being tight.

It’s thanks to generations of racial relations,

That my situation still has causation for my higher education.

For families with formation from colored nations,

Their lives are prone to stagnation in their aspiration.

Thanks to long durations of segregation.

Those with African orientation are less apt to graduation,

Or live in a home without social devaluation.


Ghetto? That’s a term that’s got to go.

Who's to blame for those community's defame?

Who forced those people’s ancestors to live there in shame?

We judge them for not having as much success or fame?

Ones living in slums aren’t even playing the same game.

For years they hear that we’re all peers.

They shouldn’t have fear; opportunity’s near.

When all the promises were insincere.


It holds true for the LGBT community.

We have new decree for equality;

We’ve had it since June twenty-sixteen.

But you see there’s still a disagree in our philosophies.

Gay kids still get mocked schools socially.

Where their bully pushes them to be discreet with their identity.

Families aren’t usually a help, thanks to religiously

Treating sexualities as just blasphemy.

They’ll cry at the funeral of their child, gone from auto-asphixation.

They’ll ask why? Because they said it was an abomination.


For a country with undeniably the strongest military,

For a land with bands inventing jazz and rock firsthand,

For a place that embraces and graces cyberspace,

For having states with some great real estate,

For a commune that sent a man to the moon,

We just need more love, and we need it soon.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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