Wrongful Punishment


Look at me with those malicious voids you call eyes,

Not truly eyes because you show no soul through them.

My bum firmly planted in the chair of torture, you watch me slowly die.

The needles of your sight pierce my fragile skin and pump your toxic lies straight into my veins.

The warden stands still, watching my execution at your hand, though he knows my innocence despite your accusations.

You grin to the guards at your side, parrots to your evil, repeating my crime: "Ugly" "Fat" "Poor"...

I cannot plead my innocence, you are the judge, the jury: I am nothing, my voice cannot reach your ears here.

I know my sentence is inevitable, I can do nothing but look to the warden for help, but he does nothing: simply looks from this execution chamber.

He turns away as you deliver the final ounce of poison, my eyes swell with the pain, and I fall limp.

The school bell rings: My eyes open, tears spilling to my desk- You leave, the hurtful words ring loud in my ears.

What did I do? I have done no crime--The only punishment truly needed, is Yours.


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