The social media


Bonner Springs High School
United States


The social media has built up bullying


And the principals won’t do anything


They say “kids will be kids” or “we’ll figure something out”


But they don’t do a thing and the bully goes about


The victim is tortured multiple times


As the bully gets in their face and repeats the same lines


 “You stupid fag, nobody likes you”


“Go kill yourself, that’s what you should do”


“You’re a dirty little whore who needs to go die”


“Kiss my glorious ass and tell the world goodbye”


Nothing gets done until extremes are met


When a kid dies, that’s when they all sweat


A quiet girl with a lot of promise and hope


Was found in her closet hanging by a rope


The bully is victimized and gets the attention


While the dead girl doesn’t even get an honorable mention


The people praise the bully, the vicious criminal


But the poor little deal girl becomes barely subliminal


People don’t care if you’re bullied or hurt


They only care when you start to blurt


The words spew from your mouth


And all their fake goodness starts to go south


If you think about bullying, don’t you dare


Why not instead, show someone you care




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